Drupal 7 Comment Number

I wonder if this is fixed in 8 or 9?

To get the number of comments rendered on your node, you can add this to the template (e.g., node.tpl.php) for your theme.

echo "<a href='".$node_url."#comments'>";
 print $node->comment_count; 
    if($node->comment_count==1) { 
        echo " comment ";} 
    else echo " comments ";
echo "</a>";

How do we know what other people know? (rough cut)

...without talking to them, of course.  [Note: This has been sitting in my queue since September; I'm going to publish it as-is so it counts as "done."]

  1. Papers (external)
  2. Reports (internal)
  3. Blogging

Blogging is like talking to them, but what's the impetus to get a blogging (internal or external) program going?  The NSF problem: how do you know it will work (i.e., help everyone know what everyone else is good at) without doing it first?  Blogging as a fun part of work, not as a chore.