Top Perks from "Outside Best Places to Work 2014"

This is a work in progress and will be updated.

Jobs in my particular discipline (i.e., not outdoor equipment manufacture or even outdoor-oriented) don't generally come with the same kinds of perks that some of these companies have.  I'm curious why that is, and I wonder if, by incorporating some of these into my current office environment, my employer could attract more talent...

In no particular order, here are the workplace characters that I would enjoy and would work in my particular situation:

Cumulative Charts in Drupal with Views and Charts

If you're trying to use the Charts module to create cumulative graphs over time (in my case, race registrations).  No time now for a detailed post.

This guy had the answer:

He cites this but I didn't use it:

Who Would I Be?

I spent ten minutes staring at the ceiling this morning thinking about an idea I began considering last night.  If I weren't as involved as I am in various long-term projects (project is a loose term, and doesn't apply only to work), would I still be the same person?  Am I defined by the things I spend my time on and, if I decided to let some things go, would I be happy?  I've never been one to let my job/education/career define me, but in absence of that definition, what is there--I've been busy filling my time with other things.