Formation tops to Petra, reshaped with R

To import formation tops to Petra, your input file needs to be set up as one row per well, one column per formation top, and each value being the depth measurement.  In the example below, I am trying to rough out the depths of formations in Wyoming using only the TD (total depth) and BOTFORM (formation at total depth).  Not the most precise method of building structural maps, but it will work on a large scale.

Input file has one row per well, columns api_full, TD, and BOTFORM (at least). 

Drupal 7 Comment Number

I wonder if this is fixed in 8 or 9?

To get the number of comments rendered on your node, you can add this to the template (e.g., node.tpl.php) for your theme.

echo "<a href='".$node_url."#comments'>";
 print $node->comment_count; 
    if($node->comment_count==1) { 
        echo " comment ";} 
    else echo " comments ";
echo "</a>";