Join me as I intermittently document my attempts to make the best* cup of coffee ever.  Follow #CoffeeEx on Twitter and add your own recipe to the discussion.

I'm keeping track of only a few variables, but more could be added.  I am by no means a coffee snob, but I'm much more a scientist than a cook, hence the "trial and error" approach.

- Mass of beans
- Always ground
- Water temperature or heating time in electric kettle
- Agitation of coffee before press.


Changing Author of Imported Nodes in Drupal

If you have imported a bunch of nodes from another source (perhaps using the Blogger Importer module) and the author has defaulted to Anonymous, you can set all the nodes to a specific author with a MySQL query.

UPDATE `node` SET uid = "1"

Use at your own risk.  Important: This will set all nodes to author uid 1.  If you have multiple uids you need to keep track of, you'll have to filter them with a SELECT statement first.

Imported Posts

I have just imported my posts from the Grand Forks Streets blog to this one.  They have not been cleaned up, but the content is here and I will be shutting down the Blogspot version.  I no longer have time to devote to a specific streets-relaetd blog, but I plan to open a Twitter account to curate this type of content for the Grand Forks, ND area.

Imported posts are labeled as "Anonymous" but I will be changing that over time.  I wrote them all unless otherwise indicated in the post itself.